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Are I the only one whom watches shows and feels,

I truly wish I happened to be high school besties with that fictional character

? My personal senior school experience ended up being good as a whole and I made some awesome friends, but adding anyone among these figures would have managed to make it better yet.

1. Hanna Marin –

Quite Little


In so far as I adore Spencer (she’s sassy and wise and my personal favorite


), i will have to go with Hanna. You do not discover how a lot I enjoy having a friend whom tosses dumb remarks into on a daily basis convo. It’s always enjoyable to possess somebody like Hanna that you experienced. She’d generate on a daily basis much more interesting. My personal fave traces include: “this might be exactly about the ‘A’-ness of things.” and “Even the doorknob smells like their!”

In addition to the fantastic one-liners, Hannais only an every around
. From the whenever she revealed Emily was actually gay and shared with her, “you’re Emily internet dating Ben nowadays you are Emily matchmaking Maya. We love Emily. No-one cares the person you’re with.” Supportive, awesome, AND funny. What more do you really need?

2. Seth Cohen –

The OC

Seth listens into the same kind of songs as myself, therefore he would be added to my personal concert-going,
contacts. He would positively need to see most of the up-and-coming indie rings. His sarcasm would supplement mine. I would probably be seduced by him at least once, but then we would choose it’s better become pals.

He’d just take me for flights regarding Summer Breeze and I would ike to read all their comics before the guy confirmed anyone else. We might consume burritos/bagels and perform video games. I’d help him as he’s going right through some things and movements to Portland. Essentially, I’d be his Anna whenever Anna moves out. Not likely as cool as Anna, but still just like cool.

3. Allison Argent –

Teen Wolf

The woman family members might be somewhat intense, getting like, wolf hunters and all, but she is very awesome. She is just like the Katniss of twelfth grade television characters with her ill bend and arrow abilities. I bet whenever we had been besties, she’d entirely show me how to exercise archery like a boss.

Allison’s a protector. She altered
the household code
to ”

Nous protégeons ceux et celle-ci ne peuvent jamais se protéger eux-mêmes.

” which translates to “We secure those people that can’t shield themselves.” You know she’d be truth be told there obtainable regardless of what—even in the event that situations were awesome harmful.

4. Nick Andopolis –

Freaks and Geeks

I was planning to choose Kim Kelly, but I would oftimes be also frightened to getting punched from inside the face. People like Nick usually fascinate myself. I just would like to know all their applying for grants the whole world as well as how they feel about everything. Their particular tales will always interesting.

We’d go out inside the basement and simply eat fresh fruit roll-ups always. Their dad don’t help his drumming, but I definitely would. There’s usually chances he’d create a tune known as “Lady S” about myself. After all, i actually do have an eco-friendly army coat, so as that possibility is quite good.

5. Santana Lopez –


is actually a boss bitch. If you are friends with her, she’d never leave any individual wreck havoc on you, like whenever she stood right up for Brittany when people were phoning the girl foolish. I would hear her sing “Valerie” like, on a regular basis. The woman singing vocals simply amazing. I’m sure Mike Chang and Britt even would be up for training me personally the swing party moves for the song. Though, that might be challenging since I have dance like Nick Miller. Though she is mean, I would just know she is experiencing some things. She constantly states what is on her behalf brain and says to it think its great is—sometimes you simply need a pal like that.

6. Rory Gilmore-

Gilmore Ladies

Rory would always be down for a coffee or diner go out. She’d totally remain in the number of friends I got in senior school: the smart children. We might exchange publications and she would be the perfect research friend. Maintaining the Gilmore banter might-be sorts of hard, but I would seriously be up for any challenge. You understand they’d receive you over for a film evening and get every type of unhealthy food actually ever. Clinging making use of Gilmore gals would often be a fun some time I would probably learn anything or two, along the way.

7. Amy Raudenfeld –

Faking It

Dropping in love with the best pal is actually hard, but it is actually more challenging if you don’t have another best friend to lean on. Amy is going through a really difficult time in the woman life. She needs another bestie to talk about all of the Karma crisis with. I would be that person. We kind of have a similar design and sarcastic personality, therefore we’d certainly hit it off. We would discuss garments, talk about pop culture as well as the most popular television shows. Oh, and she provides kick-ass wedding ceremony speeches through the center, so could come in handy 1 day.

8. Peyton Sawyer/Lucas Scott –

One Tree Hill

This was a hard choice because basically every character on

One Tree Hill

could be a very fantastic pal. I am talking about, Brooke even returned and conserved Peyton from psycho Derek after their particular huge BFF fight. As much as I love Brooke, I picked Peyton and Lucas—in a dramatic link!

Peyton, like Seth Cohen, is an enormous songs fan. Records galore, booking shows at TRIC, and generating an advantage CD. How cool will it be to help with that? We’d see indie groups stay and discover new music collectively. I’d help her whenever she dates Pete from fall-out Boy, yet ,, actually support the girl whenever she begins online dating Lucas.

Then you have Lucas, who is always truth be told there for many of his friends. He would probably create some actually sweet chapter about me personally inside the publication. I’d help his basketball and composing desires and he’d let me know, “your own artwork issues. Its what introduced me personally here.” (But like in an agreeable tone, not an “i do want to date you” tone.)

Now it is your turn: any kind of TV high schoolers you wish you were besties with?

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